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2. PARENTS' MIDDLE NAMES. Bruce and Ann Marie
5. PET'S NAME. If you don't have a pet, you're NOT IN. Max.
6. FAVORITE BRAND OF PAPER TOWEL. Pick-A-Size. There are half towels. I'm completely shocked and amazed.
7. SUPER SEKRIT CODE NAME. Misty Carlickson
8. ARE YOU MISSING ANY LIMBS? Just a few toes. Freak badger accident. Very painful.
9. WHEN DID YOU FIRST GET YOUR PERIOD? If it was after your 14th birthday, SCREW YOU. September of 7th grade.
10. IF YOU ARE MALE, FIRST ERECTION? Was it in class? If it was, SCREW YOU. Want to see?
11. Are you a virgin? If so, AHAHHAA. AHAHHAA x 34.
12. Have you ever considered selling semen/eggs for money? Done it. For $2031,0402.12. Very profitable. Except, i cant have children. The plus is, i dont have to use condoms anymore!
13. If so, how much money? See above.
14. Would you pose for Playboy(/Girl) for money? FOR FREE? *grabs my fuzzy hancuffs*
15. Do you ever stick wrappers in the couch cushions because you are too lazy to get up? Just this afternoon. Very convenient.
16. Have you worn a thong in the past month? Males, this question applies to you too. God no. I'm afraid of them. Just afraid that they will go STRAIGHT through you. Butt floss. Seriously.
17. Have you ever eaten so many Peeps you later threw up? SHUT UP. I didnt know i was going to throw up all over the floor. wah.
18. Have you ever shaved off your eyebrow accidentally? Pshftttt. Thats reserved for Simone only.
19. Can you put Chapstick on while moving? If so, explain how. NO! And it sucks. I miss my mouth and then my face is all slimy.
20. Describe, in detail, your daily bathroom ritual. This WILL be judged. I wake up at 6:12 (or 6:08 if i walk to the bus stop) wake up, turn on my bathroom light, go to the bathroom, put in my contacts (while on the toilet. v. efficient), take out my retainers, get up off of the toilet, flush it, brush my teeth, go get dressed, come back to the bathroom, put on my make-up (eyeliner, mascara, and eye-shadow), do my hair, go back out, put on jewlrey, find socks, get my backpack, turn off my lights, and go outside. The End.
21. The must ludicrous thing your parents have ever told you. "Because i said so." douche-bags.
22. Have you ever been in a legitimate "yo mama!" fight? Recently. Twice.
23. Tell us something extraordinarily important concerning rabbits. They reproduce like whores before the end of the world.
24. As a final attempt in entering this club, you must post a picture. Of anything. Obscene, or not. Make it good. Resistance is futile.
<img src=" image.jpg">

Well, the picture won't work. So just click the link.
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