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Here is an example of a Rejected application. Do not copy this. Do not copy anything on this. None.

1. YOUR MIDDLE NAME. omg! I luv mi middle name! itz sooo kewl, dun u think?! itz Shalinka.
2. PARENTS' MIDDLE NAMES. dats weird. y do u wnt 2 kno dat?! newayz, they r Mary and Andrew.
3. MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME. i lyk mi momz name betta den myne. itz Spears. lyk mi idol! Britney!
5. PET'S NAME. If you don't have a pet, you're NOT IN. hur name iz Princess n shez my bffff!!!
6. FAVORITE BRAND OF PAPER TOWEL. . hahahah lololol omg! datz such a funny ?. hahah. mmm, i lyk brawny. hahhha. lol.
7. SUPER SEKRIT CODE NAME. Christina Duff! 2 of mi fav singers! lol!
8. ARE YOU MISSING ANY LIMBS? ?! omg, i wud h8 to not hav a hand or a foot! omg. :( dats so sad. but no, i hav all mi limbs.
9. WHEN DID YOU FIRST GET YOUR PERIOD? If it was after your 14th birthday, SCREW YOU. ewww! dats sooooo gross. but, um lol, it wuz in 8th grd on Lindsay Lohan's bday!!!!
10. IF YOU ARE MALE, FIRST ERECTION? Was it in class? If it was, SCREW YOU. ewww! omg! lol.
11. Are you a virgin? If so, AHAHHAA. of course! omg! dats not kewl.
12. Have you ever considered selling semen/eggs for money? !!! ewwww. dats sooooo weird. i ddnt even kno u culd do dat!
13. If so, how much money? i h8 deez ?s.
14. Would you pose for Playboy(/Girl) for money? FOR FREE? omg! NOO!
15. Do you ever stick wrappers in the couch cushions because you are too lazy to get up? hahahah, hoo dznt?! lol OMG dats soooo funny.
16. Have you worn a thong in the past month? Males, this question applies to you too. haha, i wear thongs all da tym. dey r sooo comfortable!! dnt u agree?! lol.
17. Have you ever eaten so many Peeps you later threw up? omg! dats sooo stupid. newayz, i cnt eat nething but saladz cuz den i wnt fit in2 a size 0. and i HAV 2 do dat.
18. Have you ever shaved off your eyebrow accidentally? omg! dat would be sooo embarrasing. haha, i wuld laff at som1 hoo did dat.
19. Can you put Chapstick on while moving? If so, explain how. no! lipgloss all da way, baby! lololol! hahha.
20. Describe, in detail, your daily bathroom ritual. This WILL be judged. Um, well, i go in2 da bathroom. nget into da shower. i shave, cuz i shave evryday! n den i get out n put on mi skirt, n my tank-top cuz i gotz to look kewt! hahah, lol! n den i put on mi makeup and den i blow-dry mi hair n den i curl it, cuz its got 2 be kewt, just lyk my outfit! LOL! heheh, n den i leev. sooo gr8!
21. The must ludicrous thing your parents have ever told you. mmm, "u cnt go out wit him cut ur grades rnt up n u spnd 2 much tym wit ur friends!" omg! it wuz soo mean.
22. Have you ever been in a legitimate "yo mama!" fight? no! i h8 fights cuz it ruins mi hair.
23. Tell us something extraordinarily important concerning rabbits. uuumm, no. lol.
24. As a final attempt in entering this club, you must post a picture. Of anything. Obscene, or not. Make it good. Resistance is futile.

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