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I'm a barbie girl...*hums* oh..SOP

Application, bitches.
1. YOUR MIDDLE NAME. Elizabeth.
2. PARENTS' MIDDLE NAMES. Michael and Jane
3. MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME. Rawicz, its not as hard to say as it looks. it's polish bitches.
4. FAVORITE NUMBER. lucky 13
5. PET'S NAME. If you don't have a pet, you're NOT IN. Jake, Nicky, Petey
6. FAVORITE BRAND OF PAPER TOWEL. Bounty..its the only paper towel i can think of
7. SUPER SEKRIT CODE NAME. i sekritly sweat the name Lafawnduh, thanks to a certain movie..but i'm Homie K
8. ARE YOU MISSING ANY LIMBS? just my eyebrows..for now
9. WHEN DID YOU FIRST GET YOUR PERIOD? If it was after your 14th birthday, SCREW YOU. Right at the beginning of 7th grade
10. IF YOU ARE MALE, FIRST ERECTION? Was it in class? If it was, SCREW YOU. in France, after seeing the Eiffel Tower..its a metaphor, but it makes no sense
11. Are you a virgin? If so, AHAHHAA. ahah hah hah..no comment
12. Have you ever considered selling semen/eggs for money? depends, are you willing to buy?
13. If so, how much money? how much will you pay me?
14. Would you pose for Playboy(/Girl) for money? FOR FREE? oh yes, for free? eh, hell, why not?
15. Do you ever stick wrappers in the couch cushions because you are too lazy to get up? pfft, who doesnt..its such a convient place
16. Have you worn a thong in the past month? Males, this question applies to you too. I dont wear thongs often, but i'm wearing one right now! sXXXy, eh? yes, its Victoria's Secret, bitches.
17. Have you ever eaten so many Peeps you later threw up? every Easter..it's become a tradition.
18. Have you ever shaved off your eyebrow accidentally? You know me too well. Ok, so, in the off chance you havent heard the story.. Over winter break i was sick, and a mix of boredom (and possibly a high on all the medication) overcame me.. so what did i do? I went to trim my eyebrows, and ended up shaving them off. COMPLETELY! i have h0r-ish eyebrows now. EGADS.
19. Can you put Chapstick on while moving? If so, explain how. TRICK QUESTION! you can put it on in the car! cuz its moving..hah.
20. Describe, in detail, your daily bathroom ritual. This WILL be judged. At around 5:32 AM each morning i go into my bathroom, take a nice piss in the toilet. Then i take off my clothes, turn on the shower, climb in, soap, rinse, lather, condition, ect.. Then i get out, dry off my oh so beautiful body, brush my teeth, dry/straighten/style my hair, put on makeup..and did i leave out anything?? How's that for detailed!?
21. The must ludicrous thing your parents have ever told you. "Just because everyone else is doing it/has one, doesnt mean you should (have one) too". puhlease. who WANTS to be bullied?
22. Have you ever been in a legitimate "yo mama!" fight? In French every day with my lover Jessie. ahah. SON OF A GAY!
23. Tell us something extraordinarily important concerning rabbits. this is more a question than fact.. WHY ARE RABBIT FEET CONSIDERED LUCKY?! cutting off a foot is lucky?!
24. As a final attempt in entering this club, you must post a picture. Of anything. Obscene, or not. Make it good. Resistance is futile. I'll do my best..
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